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Summer season starts w/c monday 29th 


Levies for the league will be £1.00 per person per frame . Only 3 players per match - that being £3.00 per team per match night. ? matches in the season  Levies must be collected by the team captain and given to Mick Camm every four weeks

Players must be registered before the league starts 8 players only per team. There are 12 teams in the league.

No player can be registered after the start of the league.

Handicaps given are for the duration of the league and will not change, with the exception of new players, who’s handicaps can be reviewed at the midpoint. Handicaps will be taken from the Winter League when that season concludes.

Results should be submitted promptly through the website www.worksopsnookerleague.co.uk using the results card  If this is not possible, results must be telephoned or emailed or Facebooked within 24 hours to Mick Camm on 01909-472379 or mcamm@btinternet.com

Look at the website www.worksopsnookerleague.co.uk and click on the 'OTHER LEAGUES' link on the left hand side for News, Results and other information regarding the Summer League.

Worksop Snooker rules apply.


Team prizes are as follows:  dependent on how many teams       1st     £ 330              2nd    £ 230              3rd     £130

Highest break prize £20.00