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with the new "rule of 6" only 3 players per team for the foreseeable future

The EPSB has produced this guidance to make the return to snooker and billiards as safe as possible. We recognise that risk in sport cannot be completely eradicated, but with caution and care risks can be reduced and the benefits of team sport enjoyed fully again. We recommend that affiliated clubs, local league committees and league players carefully read the guidance contained below to understand how we can all play snooker and billiards safely, following measures to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 transmission

LEAGUE PREPARATION Risk Assessment Leagues and host clubs must consider safety first, particularly minimising the risk of infection/ transmission. Appropriate measures must be put in place to ensure participants, staff and volunteers are protected.

LEAGUE FORMAT ADJUSTMENTS As stated above, clubs in England that wish to host local league competitions, including visiting teams, can do so from 1 August 2020, provided the club can offer a COVID-19 secure environment and can safely adopt the guidelines contained in this document.

     Competitive doubles match and team knock-out are not permitted, until further notice. all last           season’s competitions will be completed when it is safe to do so hopefully in November these matches will all be played using this seasons start handicap. Regarding team Knock-out only players registered last season for their team can play

At the club

·         All players shall abide by the following protocols throughout their time in the venue:

·         Social distancing between players should be maintained at all times, in line with the latest UK Government advice on staying alert and safe (social distancing)

·         Players will be encouraged to bring their own cues from home

·         Player seating will be at least one metres apart

·         Players will have access to hand sanitiser at the table, entrances and toilets.

·         Strictly no handshakes or physical contact between players Avoid unnecessarily touching 0club surfaces, and minimise sharing touch points such as triangles and score boards

·         Prior to re-entering the club, after any toilet breaks or intervals, players will be requested to perform hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water in addition to using a hand sanitiser

·         Players should use their own cue, chalk and cue towel, and not leave these on the table

·         Players must pack up and leave the designated table at the end of the match, before the next two players approach the table

·         Players must avoid congregating around the table before or after play to allow access for others

·         All table accessories and equipment used will be sanitised after each match


NHS TEST AND TRACE If any participating player develops symptoms of COVID-19, that player should be directed to follow the NHS test and trace guidelines. To support NHS test and trace, clubs and leagues should keep a temporary record of participants for 21 days, and assist NHS test and trace with requests for that data if needed. Communication


*** Update RE: Corona Virus***
Good evening All
The committee have decided to end the league now we will ajust pay-out accordingly, once all money is in we will pay the all winners
Competition matches will be completed. All  rounds will be played as and when possible and safe to do so
The League Committee has not taken this decision lightly, it is in our conscience that a large portion of our demographic fall within the ‘at risk’ groups or socialise with people in the ‘at risk’ groups and it would be remiss of us to stand by silently.
Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones by practicing basic hand hygiene routine and only use the emergency services if it is urgently needed.
Best wishes,
Mick camm








Latest News (2018/19)...

Presentation Night  22nd June at Breakers  7.30pm start

2018/2019 1st 2nd jt 3rd jt 3rd
Division 1 Hodthorpe A Arena Bassetlaw Langold Pocket
Division 2 Breakers X Carlton Club Stanley St A
Team KO Arena Bassetlaw C     Breakers S Hodthorpe A Dinnington C
Scratch Hayden Staniland G Dennis   J Mann  M Croft
Handicap S Witham C Hewitt       T Cook J Bell
League Pairs M Burns & S Boughton    O Turner & R Butterfield D Hartley & C Cousins P Robinson & H Brocklehurst
Aggregate Pairs M Croft & G Neal G Parry & T Broughton  S Mallender  & J Mallender O Turner & R Butterrfield
High Break Guy Dennis 101
Player of the Year Rob Darby Carlton Club
Captains Cup Dinnington A    Hodthorpe B Clowne Liberal Tickhill B


Note:   Handicaps in any block of 4 will change. If you have 3 wins or 3 losses in your first three matches you will alter by 5 up or 5 down and following your fourth match adjusted again if need be. 



Dinnington A v Ex-servicemens (Div 1)  1-3 result A great nights snooker played in great spirits with a special mention to Warsop's Jim Shaw who at 84 rolled back the years and played a great frame of snooker in the last frame leaving the Dinnington man who we won't name (me) with a grand total of 5 points, Jim hardly missed a pot and his long game was faultless, a real inspiration to all



Retford Liberal v Harworth B (div 1 ) ;-First game saw Ben Smith take on Steve Boughton. In Bens first visit he knocked in a sublime 48 closely followed by a 21. A few red colours from Steve then got him back into the game but Ben potted a superb pink to make it 1-0. Next up saw Lee Ryan get a 35 point start from Jordan Mann. A scrappy affair saw Lee take most his chances. Jordan struggled to get going and find the pace of the table but a fine 51 from Lee settled the frame just before the colours. Chris Hewitt then gave the maximum start to Jade Boughton. After a slow start Chris found his way back into the frame only for Jade to pot some lovely balls with colours to leave Chris needed 4 snookers on the Green. Chris persisted as Jade managed to escape from nearly all of them but got the 4 fouls required and took the frame on the black. The last game saw Daz Preston take on James Boughton. James player extremely well and potted well. Daz couldn’t get going in the balls and found himself 45 behind on the green. After a few snookers and in offs he managed to get to 28 behind with 22 remaining but James pitted a good brown and blue to take the frame. 
Great night all round. Good luck for the season Report by Chris Hewitt 



Clowne v Breakers X (Div 2)  1st game in league for Bert had a sweat on, but kept going, potted some good balls Dave not having much run balls wobbling in the pockets 1 up to the home side   Robbie up next nip and tuck with Griff  but kept going to win and put us 2 up.   Stubbie not over the night before, could not contain Kev 2-1   Suggs playing a rusty Daz Peacock played well and came home a good winner 3-1   3 nubies all winning good luck to them  Report by Ricky Wyld


Woodend Pub v Clipstone S C (Div 2)   The team performed well straight out of the blocks – well done lads. All frames were thoroughly entertaining. Both team gave us an enjoyable evenings’ snooker – thank you all. Special thanks to Matty and Julie for an excellent spread of food during the evening. The visiting team also commented favourably – thank you. Finally, a mention to the Woodend Man of the Match – which was awarded to Rookie. His first time in competition and he handled it with professionalism and enthusiasm. Well done, Rookie.