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Latest Frequently asked questions...

1)      Q. I am a new player and would like to join the league but am I good enough?  A.  The Worksop & District Snooker League is a handicap league and all new players enter the league of scratch (0).  The handicaps are worked out depending on wins and losses in blocks of 4 matches see rule 15.  As a guide a scratch player should occasionally be able to make breaks in the 20’s in practice.  Don’t worry if you are still unsure you will quickly find your handicap.

2)      Q.  The snooker balls in our club are old what should we replace them with?  A. Belgium Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Balls (size: 2 1/16").  They cost about £80 - £100 per set.

3)      Q. How do we prepare the table for a match?  A.  There are typically 4 stages to cleaning a snooker table

a.   Brush the cloth starting at the baulk end with straight strokes moving down methodically to the black spot end.  Sweep any debris collected under the top cushion away into the side pockets trying not to upset the table nap (direction of the cloth).

b.       Lay down the nap using an off cut of snooker table cloth (or duster) wrapped around a table brush or block of wood.  Move from the baulk end to the black spot end in straight lines.

c.       Iron the table using a special table iron.  Again move from the baulk end to the black spot end in straight lines.  Proceed at a gentle walking speed.

d.      Clean the balls.  Avoid using warm water and detergents.  For best results clean each ball in turn wiping first with a damp micro fibre cloth followed by immediately buffing dry with a clean dry micro fibre cloth.

4)      Q.  What does xyz mean?  A.  A good glossary can be found here

5)      Q.  Why is my team is never mentioned in the news?  A.  Match reports are written by either Simon Broughton or Mick Camm and depend on which games they have seen during the week or what can be inferred from results cards.  If a team captain or any one else sends an email to Mick Camm we will publish it in the news.  A match report should be no more than a few sentences and be written in a positive and good humoured style.  Negative comments may be edited out.  A match report can be for any match including the competitions.  We will also add any snooker related news upon request.

6)      Q.  Can we have a team photo added?  A.  Yes we plan to add a teams section when time permits.

7)      Q.  Our club is running an open knock out competition or exhibition can you publicise?  A.  Yes! Tell us where and when and we will add it to the news. 

FAQ - Technical 

1)      Q. Website does not display properly? A. There is an issue with BT home hubs that sometimes stops the link bar appearing. To resolve this issue please disconnect the power to the hub for 5 to 10 minutes then try again.  This will also help you if you have had problems logging in on the Tesco shopping website.

2)      Q. How do you make a website like  A. In summary you need to do three things:

a.       To register a domain name – e.g.

b.      A web authoring program – e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or an online website builder.

c.       A subscription to a hosting company – e.g. 1&1internet, Freevirtualservers.

It is often the case that the hosting company will provide a package including all three requirements.  For a list of free hosts see

3)      Q. Where is hosted?  A. on the small package.

4)      Q. How much does this website cost to run?  A. Domain name £8.99 biannual fee and £15 annual hosting fee plus. V A T

5)    Q.  The website looks good but the Sheffield & Rotherham league sites look better.  Why is this?  A.  Their sites are professionally designed and maintained. They pay a lot more for this service! The Worksop League website is enthusiast implemented and maintained by the league secretary (so yes you can teach an old dog new tricks). 

FAQ – General 

1)                  Q.  I would like to advertise on your site.  How much does it cost?  A.  We charge £40 per year for a small advert on the home page that will include a link to your own website or a sponsor’s web page.  Our website attracts at least 500 hits per month and is indexed on Google and Yahoo.