Division One Team Information

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This page provides the visitor with further information regarding each team in the division.

Division One Team Information...

   SNOOKER  HELP     DIVISION ONE     2019-2020
Stanley St  A Stanley St   473863 A Mathews 07765125947 Tuesday
Dinnington Qs Dinnington 565284 Ryan Purcell 07724488922 Wednesday
Arena Bassetlaw  Notts Arena 480164 Tom Exley 07854741535 Wednesday
Carlton  Club Corner pocket 732593 Don Squires 07725519812 Wednesday
Arena Young Guns Notts Arena  480164 S Mallender 07854237175 Tuesday
Breakers X Breakers 472192 C  Frost 472192 Wednesday
Black Market A Warsop  01623-842105 Ian Scott 07845365137 Tuesday
Stanley  St  G Stanley  St   473863 A Camm 472379 Thursday
Dinnington   C Dinnington    565284 Mat Gee 07792830010 Thursday
Stanley St  C Stanley St  473863 Jack Wilson 07932552669 Wednesday
Dinnington  A Dinnington   565284 A  Simpson 07906062660 Wednesday
Hodthorpe A Hodthorpe  720214 B  Godley 724957 Wednesday
Warsop Exservicemens Warsop Exservicemens 01623-812403 Dale Hynes 7855814692 Tuesday
Corner Pkt  Corner Pkt  732593 Roy Pendleton 07985570189 Tuesday
Secretary  Mick  Camm 22  Victoria  Rd  Worksop Notts  S80 2HF        TEL  01909-472379