Team Knockout

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The team knockout matches are decided as the winning team with the highest aggregate score after playing 4 consecutive frames.

Player handicaps are used for these matches although handicaps are not affected by the reuslts of these frames.

Team Knockout Competition - Fixtures and Results...

                  FINAL      TEAM KO

Harworth B   V   Breakers S

to be played at Hodthorpe

on Saturday 4th April

refferee Graham Mason




SEMI FINALS                           TEAM KO

Arena Bassetlaw C         Lost to         Harworth B


Dinnington C          Lost to           Breakers S



Team Knock-out LAST 8
Tickhill Wanderers lost to  Arena Bassetlaw C
Ex-Servicemen's lost to  Breakers S
Dinnington C beat  Dinnington A
Harworth B beat Arena Young Guns



Team Knock-out last 16
Hodthorpe A lost to Harworth B
Clowne Liberal lost to  Arena Young Guns
Bowling Club lost to Arena Bassetlaw C
Breakers S beat Stanley St A
Stanley St B lost to Ex-Servicemen's
Corner Pocket lost to Dinnington A
Tickhill Wanderers beat Clipstone S C
Hodthorpe B lost to  Dinnington C


Team Knock-out pry-lim
Breakers X lost to  Clowne Liberal
Grove Mill lost to  Stanley St A
Retford Liberal lost to  Breakers S
Breakers Boys lost to Harworth B
Arena Reds lost to Bowling Club
Ex-Servicemen's beat Dinnington Qs
Black Market lost to Tickhill Wanderers
Dinnington A beat Stanley St C
Arena Young Guns beat Stanley St G
Dinnington C beat  Tickhill B
Carlton Club lost to Hodthorpe A
Arena Bassetlaw C Corner Pocket
Stanley St B Hodthorpe B
Clipstone S C