Captains Cup

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These matches are decided as 'best of three frames'.

Player handicaps are used for these matches although handicaps are not affected by the reuslts of frames played in this competition.

Drawn by your Committee   To be played by 31st October

Home team to contact before 5th October or lose home venue

Tickhill Wanderers v Breakers Boys
Dinnington Qs v Dinnington A
Arena Young Guns 2-1 Stanley St G
Dinnington C v Hodthorpe A
Arena Reds lost to Stanley St C
Harworth B v Ex-Servicemen's
Stanley St B v Breakers S
Breakers X v Carlton Club
Tickhill B v Black Market
Hodthorpe B lost to Stanley St A
Retford Liberal v Clowne Liberal
Clipstone S C Corner Pocket
Bowling Club Arena Bassetlaw C
Grove Mill